Community Initiatives Program



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Helping Youth Through Educational Scholarships
4676 Quentin Street SW
Calgary, Alberta T2T 6E1

Charitable Fundraising Act Requirements:
HYTES is planning to raise an estimated amount of $40,000 this fiscal year end April 30, 2015 by donations $24,500, fundraising $15,000 (it will cost HYTES an estimate of $2,000 to fundraise this amount) and interest $500. No consultant or employees will be paid on a commission or finders fees on a percentage basis for their fundraising efforts. The money raised will be going to provide educational scholarships to youth in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Guatemala to empower themselves, their families and their communities.. For further information, please contact Harold Pliszka at 403-252-7971. Our address is 4676 Quentin Street SW Calgary AB T2T 6E1 and