Community Initiatives Program

Buying photograph could help Third World students get education

The Era-Banner
August 12, 2006

Newmarket resident Amy Brathwaite -- who has written articles in The Era-Banner about her experiences in Third World countries -- is holding a photo exhibition and art show to support an organization she and her friends founded.

A portion of the sale proceeds will be donated to HYTES, an organization providing scholarships for youth in Kenya and Tanzania who are unable to pay secondary school fees.

Ms Brathwaite will be displaying portraits from India, Bangladesh and Kenya, while Matthew Golem will be displaying photos of urban landscape.

The free exhibition will be held Wednesday at the Education Centre, 60 Wellington St. West in Aurora from 6 to 9 p.m.

"Every day, one in five of the world's population - some 800 million people - go hungry."
- Jessica Williams