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HSA students thinking globally
African/High River quilt raffle

High River Times
June 19, 2007

Some Holy Spirit Academy students are spending their last few weeks of the school year raising money so children in Africa can also get an education. Paula Leeds and Shelley Kurio’s Grade 3 classes have joined together to raffle off a special quilt, with the proceeds going to the Helping Youth Through Educational Scholarships organization.

"We started writing with some students in Zambia. Some of those students sent us some fabric,” said Leeds. “We’ve had it made into a quilt. Now we are selling tickets, trying to raise enough money to send students to school.”

She said the government in Zambia only pays for children to receive up to a Grade 6 education; after that, they’re on their own. It costs $300 Canadian for one year’s tuition for one person. “So far we have close to $400,” she said. “We’re hoping to raise enough to send two students to school.” Leeds said she’s not certain if the Grade 3s next year will be involved with another raffle, but she does hope to start a regular correspondence between her students and children in Zambia. “Some of them are orphans. Some of them walk many kilometres to school,” said Leeds. “It’s been a real eye-opener.”

Anyone can stop in at the Holy Spirit Academy office and buy raffle tickets. The cost is $2 per ticket or $10 for six tickets. The draw will take place at the school’s year-end awards ceremony, which begins at 11:15 a.m. on June 26.

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