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Fundraising events take a hit

CTV Calgary
February 12, 2009

Several Calgary non-profits are cancelling their fundraising events.

The latest on the list is the Calgary Cares gala.

The plug has been pulled on the fundraiser for AIDS Calgary because sponsors are backing out.

"If this is how companies are feeling now, what's going to happen with individuals in April when we are trying to sell 1000 tickets at $150 a ticket," asks Amanda Chapman from AIDS Calgary.

Instead of hosting an elaborate event, AIDS Calgary is asking people to donate directly to them. "People might be looking at giving in a smaller way so [we're suggesting] straight donations of $50 to $100," says Chapman.

A small group called Helping Youth Through Educational Scholarships has also had to cancel its fundraising plans.

"It was our first one and it was going to be at Hotel Arts with wonderful food," says Harold Pliszka.

Pliszka says their hopes of raising $30,000 just wouldn't be realized in this economy.

Rather than fight the economy, the Calgary Sexual Health Centre is embracing it. Their affordable event will be called The Upside of the Downturn.

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