Hello supporters of education!

Since the new year we have had lots of changes for 2023!

First, we are sad to say, after several years of dedication, our President Lisa and Director Sandra have resigned from HYTES effective December 2022. They have put their hearts into this small non-profit organization, and are responsible for such a large part of the growth and success of HYTES and the amount of students we have been able to help. We hope we can continue to make them proud and carry on what they were such a significant part of starting. We will miss them but wish them all the best and will continue to be in touch!

Secondly, we have had some change in Board Member positions. Scott Muzychka has now taken on the role of President since January 2023! Favour Simoongwe has stepped into the position of Vice President, and Maria Degethoff will now take on the role of Secretary. We would also like to welcome to the Board Eric Amalaku and our volunteer Jesse Mclean, who have joined Jan McGregor and Elisa Woodard as Directors! We are very lucky to have everyone continuing to put their time and effort into volunteering to ensure HYTES continues to support the cause we are all so passionate about.

To see these changes:  http://hytes.org/about/board-members-hytes/

Lastly, summer is coming to an end and the new season of applications is upon us in the fall to prepare for another school year. HYTES is in the works of organizing a fundraising Pickle-ball Tournament on October 21, 2023. Keep the date in mind! It will be a family friendly event, with all donations going towards sponsoring students in our selected countries (as always). We are so excited to meet some of you and have a day of fun. Location, time and details to be announced as we complete the planning!

Thank you all for your continued support. Have a great rest of your summer.