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enrollment statistics in five countries

School Enrollment Graph
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99% of Canadians of primary school age went to primary school in 2006, and 89% to secondary (high school). This is in sharp contrast to Guatemala, Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia where 94%, 75%, 98% and 92% (respectively) went to primary school, and 38%, 42%, 5% and 23% (respectively) went to secondary school. The largest barriers to obtaining an education in developing countries are availability and affordability. (data taken from UNESCO Institute for Statistics - where certain data was missing, we used data from previous years).

Kenya, Zambia and Tanzania started providing free primary schooling in 2003 and fees for secondary schooling are still very high in comparison to family income. You will notice a large drop from primary (grade 8 and lower) to secondary (grade 9 and up) enrollment. HYTES is currently focusing on scholarships for secondary schooling.

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net enrollment ratio

"Enrollment of the theoretical school-age group for a given level of education, expressed as a percentage of the total population in that age-group." - UNESCO

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