Number of Scholarships awarded to Tanzania students since 2006
Number of Tanzania students receiving scholarships in 2022
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Average cost of one year of secondary school fees
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Average annual family income

Country Representative:

Joseph (Yussufu) Nyutwa – Kigoma, West Tanzania

In 2019 HYTES is starting to help students in Kigoma, West Tanzania.  Joseph Nyutwa will be the first West Tanzania country representative.  Joseph is a pastor in Kigoma and a father of seven children.  HYTES connected with Joseph through his daughter Tabitha, who is a volunteer with HYTES in Calgary, Canada.

HYTES is thrilled to have had Joseph’s help to establish relationships with the following Kigoma schools:  Archbishop Kahurananga and Magaba Secondary School.

Country Representative:

Cleopatra Mawalla – Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

I am Cleopatra Mawalla. I am 26 years old and am currently a graduate of bachelor degree of project planning and management at institute of rural development planning in dodoma 2021. I am person who likes to likes to learn, to read, to write and to listen. I also like to travel and get exposed to new ideas.

I  am so excited to be Dar es salaam representative of HYTES,  And also am  delighted to help students with hardship to get funds for paying school fee by working with you. By saying that i will full cooperate with HYTES to succeed accomplish its goals and the recipients goals.

Success Stories


Martina Nobo

Began with HYTES in 2008 and is an orphan with two siblings.  Martina graduated from Dentistry at Mbeya university.  In her words: “If any HYTES volunteers or donors are visiting Tanzania, she is going to be waiting to welcome them!”


Gervas Kaniki

Gervas is a former HYTES student and is the co-founder of the NGO “Youth Development Network of Tanzania”.  Their goal is to work with youth in the areas of entrepreneurship, reproductive health, self awareness, gender sensitivity, war against poverty and HIV AIDS


Onesmo Minga

Onesmo started with HYTES in 2008 and graduated with a Certificate in Aquaculture.  He currently runs several fish farms for other people as well as running his own fish farm.  Onesmo built a tutoring center to offer free help to secondary students who come from poor families and have difficult lives.

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“An educated population is a country’s greatest wealth.”
– Irene Bukova