Scholarships awarded From 2006 – 2020
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Our Story

Harold and Janet Pliszka travelled to Africa in 2005.  There they met Goal Joseph Akongo who said “No more handouts, what we need is a seed so we can make it grow.”  The seed is education and what started out as a backyard BBQ to raise funds for 1 -2 kids has grown into HYTES which is currently helping ~115 students this year.

Our Process

We have Country Reps that HYTES deals with directly in the four countries (Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Guatemala). Students submit application forms to the Country Reps. Application forms are reviewed by HYTES Board members in Calgary.  Successful applicants are chosen and then notified by the Country Reps.  HYTES transfers money directly to the schools to pay for the student fees.  The Country Rep collects receipts from the schools for audit purposes.
HYTES currently has students sponsored at the following schools:
Kenya – Good Samaritan, Dandora, Kamunyaka, Lambwe, Mwala Girls School, Sacred Hearts School, St. George’s Girls School.
Tanzania – Whitelake, Cornelius, Kamene, Arch Bishop Kahurababga, Magaba, Mbezi Secondary School.
Zambia – Mwaata, Broadway Secondary School, Mine Secondary School, Raphael Kombe Secondary, Stephen Luwisha, Danford Whirwa, David Livingstone, Hachipilka Secondary, Linda Secondary, Kabwe Secondary.
Guatemala – Rabinal: New Hope Foundation
Our current focus is seeing successful applicants through their remaining years of secondary school (both new and returning students).

Financial History

HYTES has been operating for 13 years, since 2006.  From inception, $670,000 has been raised including $162,000 in government grants through the Community Initiatives Program.  HYTES has paid $480,000 directly in scholarships.  In 2019 we paid $41,000 toward scholarships.

HYTES History in Graphs

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HYTES is a 100% volunteer-run, grassroots organization based out of Calgary, Canada.  Dedicated Board Members and Volunteers work tirelessly to support education in developing countries.

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.”
– Chinese proverb