Hello everyone! It has been a busy couple months for us at HYTES. Our 2020 scholarships have been awarded to selected students in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Guatemala at the current listed schools. This was a very challenging year for us (as it is each year), because we wish we could help each and every one of you. After hearing that we have lost our main source of funding (CIP International Development Grant), we are focusing our 2020 on planning some fundraising events and sharing our story. We also hope to get more involved with the community to learn more about other great causes and share more about HYTES with all of you. A couple of our Board Members are planning to volunteer at the Kimmett Cup Pond Hockey Tournament in Cochrane, and one of our volunteers is participating in the tournament! It raises money for amazing causes. We were fortunate enough to receive a donation from the event in 2019. We will keep you all posted about any upcoming events/gatherings we come up with for HYTES. If you have any questions or are looking for a great cause to support, please contact us!