Hello everyone!

Our March meeting was held in a conference call as we wanted to practice safe social-distancing with the current COVID-19 virus. This is a challenging time for all parts of the world, some more than others.

How COVID-19 has affected schools in our sponsored countries:

  • Tanzania schools closed as of March 17, 2020
  • Zambia schools closed as of March 20, 2020

HYTES has also been planning a public event in Calgary for 2020 where we will share our story with the community and hear from some of our Board members and volunteers on their first-hand experiences. We will also answer any questions and we would love to share how much impact your donations have had in changing the lives of youth in these countries.

Unfortunately, our timeline for this event is uncertain at these times. This event will be pending until social distancing is no longer a necessity, which we cannot estimate at this time. We understand that finances might be uncertain, and appreciate any amount of donation to continue towards our cause when this is all said and done.

Stay safe everyone! We all contribute to the team fighting this common enemy COVID-19.