Tonight’s Board Meeting was held via conference call once again due to the pandemic. Following our Board Meeting, we had our AGM (Annual General Meeting) which the public was welcome to attend.

We have posted the finalized 2019 Financial Statements on our “Donate” page for your viewing. We will provide updates on the status of the schools in our HYTES-sponsored countries in January 2021.

The HYTES calendars we have been working on are complete! We are waiting to pick them up. We will share more about the calendars in the next couple days. The calendars we will be holding onto we will be sending to the first 20 people who make a donation to HYTES (any amount helps)! Perfect timing to get a calendar before the New Year, and to support future students. Please email if you have any questions or would like to hear more about the calendars. We will be sharing a preview soon!

We reviewed our Accomplishments and Challenges at our AGM. (Fiscal year ending April 30, 2020).

Some main accomplishments include: increased communication between HYTES and other countries (both country reps and students), working with new schools (Zimba in Zambia), and doubling our students in West Tanzania from 5 to 10. We have also created a HYTES calendar, and made progress in updating the website and staying current with the public. We also gained a new Board Member, Favour Simoongwe (a former HYTES volunteer). We are thrilled that we have been able to support current HYTES students this year.

There were also some challenges. Each country has dealt with COVID-19 in their own way. Some students missed only 2 months while some students are still not back for in classroom instruction. HYTES does not know yet which students may have to repeat their school year. There is still uncertainty on how the pandemic will continue to affect all parts of the world. There is future concern for finances since losing our government grant last year, and with the pandemic, we also were not able to fundraise.

However, despite the challenges, we are excited to continue to find new ways to promote HYTES to help students in other countries complete their secondary education! We appreciate each and everyone who has donated. We are 100% volunteer run and it goes straight towards paying school fees for students in other countries. Every bit counts and we could not be more grateful.

Happy holidays and we will post another update soon!