Happy New Year!

We had our first Board Meeting of 2021 via conference call!

First and foremost, thank you so much to everyone who has donated to HYTES (both new and previous donors). We appreciate it beyond words. Each donation will make such an impact on students completing their secondary education in Tanzania, Guatemala, Zambia and Kenya. With the loss of major funding last year (CIP Grant), the increased donations in the past month will make a huge difference in the continuation of our cause! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We are in the process of getting HYTES calendars to all of you. If you were an ANONYMOUS donor and would like a calendar, please send us an email and we would be more than happy to send a calendar your way! Let us know if you donated and do not receive one in the next couple weeks and we will make sure we get you one. We will continue to mail them to donors until we have run out. 🙂

We will continue to support our students through these uncertain times and schedules.

Stay tuned for a future fundraiser, we are also in the process of partnering with Rafflebox and we will hold a 50/50 fundraiser in our next Quarter. 🙂 Thank you everyone, and please reach out any time if you have any questions about HYTES.


Tanzania – Students are back in school and 2021 Term 1 has started.
Kenya – Form 4 students went back to class Oct 12, 2020 and will be writing their National Exams in April, 2021. Forms 1 – 3 just returned January 4th to start Term 2 of 2020.  For these students, the 2020 school year will now finish July 2021.
Zambia – Schools have delayed reopening until February 1, 2021 as COVID case numbers are on the rise.
Guatemala – Still waiting on confirmation of when the schools will re-open.