Hello everyone! Here is an update from our most recent meeting.

HYTES will support all returning students next year, even if they must repeat their grade. New applications will not be accepted this year. We are finalizing our 2019 audit and reviewing our finances and budget for the upcoming years. After the loss of funding this past year, HYTES is searching for a new source of funding so we can continue to assist as many students as possible in the future. We will not be able to maintain the current student numbers for more than a couple years with the loss of income (see financial statements).

We had originally planned to do some fundraising in 2020, but it has been difficult to organize anything with the pandemic. We were hoping to host an information night where we presented to the community about HYTES; who we are, what we do, where your donations go, personal stories from former students, and the impact your donations make. We have had to improvise, and now are planning to create a video presentation. We hope to share our story with as many people as possible and continue to help the students in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Guatemala for many years to come.

Your donations are always appreciated so much. Thank you so much for still considering HYTES through these challenging times. Every bit helps.