HYTES had our monthly Board Meeting on September 23, 2020 via conference call. The updates on the schools are as follows:


Schools reopened in May, and the schools will not be refunding any fees. National exams will be still written for Form 4 and Form 6 students. We have budgeted to support all returning students at full fees for 2021.


Schools closed March 20. Grade 9 and 12 students were back June 1st to write national exams. Grade 10 and 11 students returned to school Sept 21st. We are unsure what fees will be carried forward to 2021.  We expect all Grade 12 students to graduate in 2020 and won’t be returning in 2021.


Schools closed March 18th. Schools will reopen in October. The Form 4 terms have been moved forward so they may get to write their national exams in April 2021.  Form 3 and Form 2 will open if all goes well with Form 4. This may change what fees are carried forward into 2021.


In Guatemala, the school is presently closed for in-person classes and does not expect to reopen for in-person classes in 2020. Staff have been following up with students and their coursework. They have been meeting with students either at their homes or in strategic locations to ensure that their health is not put at risk. Course content and activities are sent to students through social media, or hard copies are delivered by hand, as not everyone has access to the internet or cell phones. Students have also been taking their Ministry-mandated exams. The teachers are asked to report on their programming and progress in meeting objectives. Their municipality has been in red alert. A number of students have experienced cases of COVID-19 in their families, although they have recovered.  Students will not return for in-person classes, but they will move on to the next grade if they meet the criteria to do so.

In these uncertain times, we will still not be accepting any new student applications for the upcoming year, as we are unsure of what fees will be refunded for existing students. We will still support our current students, and plan to accept new applications in the future. Thank you for your continued support!