Hello everyone! We hope everyone has had a good summer heading into the fall. At our last meeting in August, we discussed the budget for this upcoming school year. We will be accepting applications from the schools again this year to sponsor more students! We are optimistic we can increase our fundraising with less restrictions than in 2020. We are finalizing how many new students we can accept from each school based on the budget.

We have not been able to fundraise the last couple years, so we are exploring opportunities and hoping for more chances to get our name out there when the pandemic allows. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to HYTES. It really has been keeping us afloat. We are still hoping to have an info night come November 2021 (if COVID allows, we will have to see). Here we hope to share more about us and have some events. We will keep you all informed!

Our upcoming meeting is in a few days! Stay tuned, we hope all students are adjusting well into their school year and wishing you all the best.